I gave another guitar and amp away today


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Oct 1, 2011
Tampa, Fl
Get well soon and nice job.

I’ve given a few guitars and amps away over the years, but it’s always been to family members (son, granddaughter, and brother). Always, makes you feel good seeing their reactions.

You are to be commended.


Dec 19, 2014
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I have given away 2 electric guitars and an amp. I know one of the guitars is being used by a young lad on a regular basis. It is really cool to see/ hear him develop. His family probably would not have had the money to buy him an electric guitar or amp. I keep my eyes open for proper recipients and may dole out some more free equipment. I certainly have way more stuff than I need.

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Nov 12, 2017
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i had a cool little Epi LP jr that I bought for 70 bucks new a number of years ago. The single P90 sounded pretty good and after I did some fret work and shimmed the neck it was a fine player. I decided I wanted to give it to a deserving youngster but who?
I also had a Duo Sonic that I never bonded with with a humbucker in it so I put it on Craigs list. This guy comes over with his son who looks 11 years old. The kid is actually 13 but tiny. This kid looks like a rock star, ripped jeans, bandana,and long hair. He loves the Duo Sonic because of the short scale and plays some classic rock licks on it. A beginner but he gets it. Dad and his son are so happy, they give me the money and I tell them to wait a minute. I bring out the Epi and tell the kid that he’s going home with 2 guitars today. He freaks out and shakes my hand and thanks me and him and dad are grinning from ear to ear. “Moms not going to believe this “ he says and off they go. I put the silly decals on it. View attachment 1073598
I would've given that guitar away too (Epiphone)!

I've given away a few guitars in my time but I remember the first one I gave to the pastor of my dad's church. My dad asked me to play bass for his band which I did. I gave the guy a Fender Stratocaster copy made from Allparts body and neck and other parts. I finished it in a sunburst with a gold anodized pickguard and white knobs and pickup covers. I gave him that guitar with the case that I got for it. He was blown away and I thought he would love it since he didn't own one and was borrowing a friend's guitar (Fender Standard Stratocaster) that lived in Indianapolis. I hoped that he would've kept it and appreciated it for what it was until I heard years later that he had sold it for $175.00!!! That killed me! You can't buy the case for it at that price today.

At least the kid got something that he'll appreciate for as long as he owns it. Hopefully this will help him along his way to making great music. You did a wonderful thing. Very glad to hear that there is some generosity left in the world today.


May 13, 2022
I haven't mentioned this but severe health problems have hit me and I have a LOT of guitars to move soon.

I haven't worked the last couple of months. I just don't have the energy to do much. Anyway.
The man I sub all my work through hired a young man about a year ago and I could tell he is not
the average joe. Nice looking, clean and smart as a whip. He is a hard worker and although we didn't
see each other often on jobs we would all meet in the mornings to discuss the jobs for the day and
chat it up. Joke around, you guys know the game.

I learned from talking with him he played guitar and at one time gave lessions so I figured he must
be at least a passable player. He said had some junk guitar and for the last year I've tried to get him
out to the house but it just never panned out.

He finally made out today and we had a time. He is a good player. Newer stuff but good.
I showed him some blues stuff and he was blown away. Pick right up on some basic chords
and we had a blast for a couple of hours. Of course I had to drag out some of the good stuff.
Hamer Korina.Explorer, 76 Byrdland, SG Special several others. Amps out wazoo...70's Marshall 1/2
stack, Silverface Deluxe Reverb, Princeton, Vox AC 15 ....several others...

Anyway, the last few years I 've bought several lower end guitars to play with and give away.
I bought a Squire Strat a few years ago and was quite surprised at what a good guitar it is.
Orange with a beautiful, dark rosewood board. The pickups are a little weak but a great guitar for
what it is. I put it in a nice tweed case.
I bought a Peavey Bandit a few years ago just to check it out after all the reading I here about them.
It is the blue stripe with the Scorpion speaker. It is a really good amp for what it is
So.....He went home today with the guitar, case and amp.
He was almost in tears. Me too. Good kid. I think told me he is 25. I couldn't be more happy.
He wants to come back weekend to jam some more. Looking forward to it.
Just an FYI, you inspired me quite a bit. I gave away two this morning to the boys and girls club in my area. Again, not virtue signaling, it's just a great thing to do and I hadn't even realized that until you posted. It was a bit funny, I didn't call in advance of dropping them off, just showed up. I figured even if they aren't officially taking stuff like this, they would know someone who could benefit from it better than me. So I show up with two guitars, no one is in the lobby (the first room you walk into). i heard some people in the gym so just went in, a guitar in each hand. Some kids were playing basketball and they looked at me like I was nuts. Who walks around with two guitars? They told me where I can find someone who works there, I found him and then sorta just said "here you go!". He was pretty surprises and said he is not sure what to do with them and I just told him find some kid like me when I was younger. He looked at me like I was strange the whole time, gave me a kinda confused "thank you" and that was it.

I thought about this on the drive back and I'm probably a bit paranoid cuz I recently got a guitar stolen so I called him to tell him this is no Robin Hood situation, they were mine and are now yours and here's my number if I can help with anything.

So thanks again.