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Mar 2, 2006
San Benito County, California
You'd fit right in here in Pittsburgh...

John Gorka - Grand Larceny​

Walter Tucker was arrested for receiving stolen goods
That he got from his cousin who's a common neighborhood
They Pittsburgh-pawned the instrument that the perpetrator stole
Walter said they spilit the cash but denies a larger role

Walter'd never been arrested so I doubt he'll do the time
But the cousin had a record that seemed to chain his life to crime
"I never should have trusted him" Walter of his cousin said
Now the face and fingers are on file and there's judges in his head

Grand larceny, grand larceny
It's what you you get away with and who you can deceive
Pittsburgh has the Steelers and the Pirates and the Thieves

It happened in broad streetlight to an unsuspecting car
My wallet cash and valuables and yet-to-be-pawned guitar
I was fried enough inside to want to leave my tools behind
It was a massive temporary shortage of the mind

From a diner after midnight to the parking lot to see
There was just a pile of window where the ride home used to be

It was my first night in Pittsburgh
And I know I will return
But I won't forget the welcome
That the outlaws let me earn