I Don't Get Compressors; Help Me Understand

Discussion in 'The Stomp Box' started by Agave_Blue, Feb 7, 2011.

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    Thanks, but I knew it had a preset attack, I mentioned it in my post, I was just pointing out that "Sensitivity" knob on the DynaComp seems to be the same thing as "Threshold" on other comps. You can adjust the attack on a standard DynaComp by subbing a component or two for the resistor/cap that sets the attack, or by putting in a trimpot for adjustable attack. I prefer having an external attack control, however, for quick attack changes for different situations. The SuperComp is a DC with the attack control added to it, the Dunlop Custom Comp is a DynaComp with a trimpot inside to vary the attack, and as I said before the Bench Press has an external pot to control the attack. The lack of an adjustable attack limits the usefulness of the stock DynaComp, which is why Dunlop came out with the SuperComp.

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    I have asked R.G. Keen once about the Comp 66 (also based on the Ross/Dyna), and he said: "The threshold is relatively fixed, but the "gain" of how much compression you get per volt over the threshold is variable. There is actually more than one threshold to get over in there, largely as a result of trying to do as simple a compressor as possible instead of remaking a full-out studio compressor. Simple circuits have side effects, which can help the sound or hurt it."
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