I caught "Div" at a gig last weekend.

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    Aug 7, 2003
    Long Island, N.Y.
    The only C/W place in the area, my buddy Sean Kershaw took the ride from Brooklyn to get them to 2-Stepin'.
    I was very happy to see TDPRI member Div on the gig! I didn't know that he knew Sean. I only see him at the Summer TDPRI Long Island Jam.
    He played great lines on his natural Tele (with custom B/W leather guard!), and I heard a few Don Rich licks in there which showed me that he knows the role of a Side-Man. Sean was up front on his Guild Acoustic for the set (Upright bass and Pedal Steel, too!) and Div was dropping in fills and licks sparingly...exactly where they needed to be. The sign of as great Side-Man is knowing what NOT to play and when NOT to play it.
    You know what I mean. ;-)
  2. div

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    Mar 18, 2003
    noo yawk
    hey John, thanks fer the kind words and a nice surpise seeing you there. well that's the first time I played most of those songs and once or twice I had to pull a stu sutcliffe so that's where I knew what not to play ha ha.

    That is one cool bar out there, I deinitely got to get back there one a these days.
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