I Can't Help Falling In Love With You - in F Harmonic Minor

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    Diana Antkudinova is like no other singer. With her polyphonic abilities and her sub octave singing she can sound very shocking. But I say don't turn away, Diana is one of the best singer's, she's one of the rare ones that rise to the top with no resistance. Julian Lage, Angelina Jordan, just rose to the top like that's their place.

    This is an amazing reharmonization of this classic song. It's in minor to start with. I like the effect of leaving out the chorus, very artsy, classy, mysterious.
    Enjoy Diana

    Just tap on the disabled sign and it will take you to YouTube

    Can't Help Falling In Love
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    That was amazing, what a difference the key change made.

    Not to mention a very decent set of pipes.

    Thanks for sharing
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