Hypochondria, do you or a loved one suffer from it?


Tele Axpert
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Jun 21, 2011
A friend has hypochondria. The doctor has him on broad spectrum placebos.

Seriously, he works in a paper mill where one of the daily routine for the employees is "what I have is worse than what you have ". Each in that group is constantly getting tests and trying to get in to see some specialist or other. The company health benefits have gone to their heads. Unfortunately, the doctors in that town have given up and seem to go along with it.

I understand getting caught up in that .
Years back I was going out with a woman that worked in a clinic. While waiting to pick her up, I would read the posters and brochures "Do you have any of these symptoms? " Yeah, now you mention it, I do feel a tightness in my chest. And yes, I do feel that... and that... Oh no.
I have Diabetes, heart disease and I just had a stroke and whatever disease this brochure is talking about and that poster says I have early onset dementia.

A fellow related to me one day that he had suffered a bought of vomiting, and puking, and throwing up! I had to admit, that must have been trying.