Hypersonic & Yamaha?


Doctor of Teleocity
May 31, 2008
Corpus Christi, Texas
I shared before that in September of 2021 my kid brother ("Buddy") died. He was a guitar player and singer/songwriter and gigging musician up in his area. Dealing with his stuff has been complicated. He was a single father, with three grown daughters. However, two don't live in Texas, one is autistic (moderately functioning).

Buddy lived in a trailer on our family (non-working) farm, with Mom living in the house just across the way. This weekend my older brother David is up on the farm, helping to clean and sort through stuff, and then take Mom to church tomorrow morning. (Mom will be 91 in May, can no longer drive and has memory issues. We're trying to assess what caring for her for the remainder of her years will look like.)

Anyway, in going through stuff, he found a couple of guitars and a keyboard. He offered them to me. I turned down the keyboard, since I don't play keys, and so my sister will get/deal with it.

But the guitars? These were a couple that I didn't know Buddy even had. David sent me a pic, with the caption simply stating "Hypersonic & Yamaha." Here's the pic...


Not a great pic, I know. And while I'm familiar with Yamaha, I've got no clue about "Supersonic" as a guitar brand. (That's normally a term I associate with the rated muzzle velocity of ammunition.) At first, I wondered if the Yamaha might be the classical on the left, but on second glance I thought that bridge on the steel string on the right looks Yamaha-ish.

Any thoughts and/or info on either of these guitars would be appreciated.