Humbuckers for a really dark sounding guitar?

Tim E

TDPRI Member
Jun 29, 2018
Removing polepieces can greatly reduce inductance, but will not affect DC resistance. I've done this successfully with a couple cheap pickups, but more often found it didn't satisfy me desires. Typically, I remove the treble polepieces from one coil, and the bass polepieces from the other. This does two things. One, it narrows the sensing window so that it mimics a single coil. And also reduces the inductance, sometimes drastically, which also tends to be characteristic of a single coil. Removing the polepieces from one coil only has a similar effect, but compromises the hum cancelling, since the inductance of the two coils is generally dramatically imbalanced by doing this.

As mentioned, I have not been satisfied with the results more often not. I found that a loud, "hard" sounding pickup (characteristics that I tend to dislike and seem more common with humbuckers) still sounds loud and hard after modification, just brighter, too. Some humbuckers aren't suited to this mod, either, for various reasons. And I probably wouldn't do this mod on a "nice", brand name pickup.

I can vouch for Wilde/Bill Lawrence low inductance humbuckers. The L-500C, the 2.8H low inductance humbucker, is probably my favorite of all time. As I recall, the DC resistance is something like 6.3k. The L-90 series has an even lower inductance model, that's a more standard size humbucker.