How to matte nickel?


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Aug 30, 2011
For now, you can clean it very well with naphtha, and then clear coat it with a matte spray.

For a permanent, non-wearing, "real" solution, you need to take it to a plating shop to have it stripped and re-plated...and you will NOT like the quote they give you for a small, one-off order.

Personally, I'd just clear coat it very well with matte spray and see how long it lasts. Use a solvent based finish, and it will be easy to stripe and re-spray in the future, should you experience too much rub-through.

But is this bridge really so bitchin' that it's worth all this?

Acid and abrasion are not the answer. They won't give you what it sounds like you're looking for, which I am envisioning as something like Hipshot's or Sperzel's matte silver.