How to Deal With an Ebay Buyer Scam? (swapped pickups on return)

Discussion in 'Bad Dog Cafe' started by Musekatcher, Aug 18, 2019.

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    Both paypal and ebay usually side with the buyer, no matter how your listing states NO RETURNS. That holds no water because ebay policies, tho which you agree with in order to sell, trump that every day of the week.

    There's always the SNAD claim.

    But if there were no buyers there would be no sellers, so I completely understand why.

    Luckily scammers are not that common - I ran into a single attempt once in ~500 transactions, about 40% of them me being the seller. (Guy asked for a partial refund because box looked used on an unused Big Muff - I told him I would give a complete refund, including shipping of $6, if he returned it but he didn't want to do that - lol, and I refused his 50% back demand and he gave up)

    But you hear about the scammers and not the millions (billions?) of successful happy purchasers.

    I love ebay, both for buying and for selling. It's a wonderful worldwide marketplace.
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    yes it is and at my age i don't really have that much sand left in the ol' hour glass or much to lose. i took the passive road for a very long time and after getting shat on by jerks like these i finally had enough. in fact consider it a public service for all the other victims these types have taken advantage of for who knows how many and how long. they're like cancer.
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