How did I screw up the wiring in this Tele Deluxe?


Apr 30, 2021
North Carolina
I've got a Tele Deluxe. I tried some aftermarket humbuckers and now I've swapped the old ones back in.

This isn't my first rodeo with wiring up guitars. I've done several. But I've got this problem:

There's a lot of buzz! When I touch the strings or the hardware, the buzz gets even louder.

I can play the guitar. I can hear sound coming out of the amp. The buzz is just off the charts.

What did I do wrong? I've checked for cold solder joints. I resoldered the pickup ground leads even though they seemed ok. I checked the bridge ground (which I hadn't touched from back when the guitar sounded normal) at both ends. All good there.

Anybody know what's going on here?

EDIT: Reversed the wires on the jack and that fixed it!
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Steve Holt

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May 29, 2016
Sounds like a grounding issue somewhere. I like to go with the overkill method when it comes to grounding. I shield cavities with copper sheet and copper tape. That's not necessary, but I prefer it. Let's see some pictures of your diagram (if you're using one) along with pictures of your wiring.

Make sure all of your pots are connected together with a ground wire.

One thing I do with a multimeter is touch various metal components to see if there is continuity. So if you touch the strings/bridge with one end, and a pot with the other, and you see that there's continuity, then you should be grounded.