Houston Rodeo BBQ Cookoff Feb 22-23

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    My band, The Sidewinders, will be playing at the Houston Rodeo and Livestock Show BBQ cookoff on Friday and Saturday evenings (Feb 22-23).

    This is our 3rd time playing it. My buddy once again won the county BBQ championship, which entitles him to represent the county at the Houston Rodeo. There's something like 250+ teams, it's pretty impressive. Last year he got top 10 in brisket and chicken.

    It's a goofy deal though. Each team has their own area, and depending on how much $$ you have, you can get bigger ones. Seeing that our county is pretty small (25,000 for the whole county) we end up with a pretty small one.

    A review from last year (with pics) here:

    The area we play in is 20' x 40' inside of a big tent, tables and chairs in there too. And there's a band about every other tent (there are actually "streets" set up in the NRG Stadium parking lot to accommodate this), so it's interesting to say the least (see the link below to give you an idea)


    Since the load in is also goofy (Friday morning 7:00 - 10:00 only), we just use our minimal setup for our trio. Vocals through powered head with speakers on stands and a couple of monitors. Amps and drums are not mic'ed. We can be plenty loud in that small space, but some of these teams have full blown multi-thousand watt PAs, stages, etc.

    Nevertheless it's a good time. We get free hotel Friday and Saturday night, plus all the BBQ we can eat!

    I'll be using my standard setup - '63 Tele through 2x12 Fender DeVille with DigiTech RP500 multi-effects unit.

    Stop by if you're at the Rodeo! Space C-927, Salt Grass Trail, Fayette County Go Texan Team. (I'll be the one with the Tele :)). We play from about 7:00 - 11:00 each night.

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    Bring em, ride em, show em, sell em, slaughter em, cook em, eat em!

    Im in!:D
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    Cowboy up and hook 'm cow :cool:
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