HOLIDAY HOOCH - What's your favorite liquor to give or get?

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Mar 25, 2021
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This time of year the liquor stores do more business in a day than they used to do in a month. Booze is one of the big "default" Christmas gifts, second only to gift cards. So let's share a glass of virtual Christmas cheer and discover what kind of hooch everybody likes to give and get on this holiest of days.

Around my place, it's a Christmas tradition to get Dad (me) a half gallon of this stuff. And as a bonus, they include a commemorative belt buckle with the year on it made by Montana Silversmiths. That's the outfit that does most of the rodeo buckles, and the ones Pendleton gets are first-rate and collectible. I gave one to my oldest boy with the year he turned 21, and my youngest is turning 21 this year, so he gets the next one that Santa brings.

Let 'Er Buck!


And they even offer "Man Crate" deals with personalized decanters, rocks glasses, snacks, etc.

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Feb 3, 2021
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A small and very unfussy distiller in Tennessee blends this and it is not available here. I know it isn’t showy but it is delicious, perfect on a cool night. So I always look forward to a friend sending me a bottle.

When I visit friends east or north I like to bring a sotol because of same reason, it’s mostly available in the southwest. There’s an interesting history in that it is an ancient spirit yet has also been illegal for curious and mostly cultural disputes. There are currently legal battles over the origins and the naming but sotol is a plant that grows in Texas, NM, AZ, and Mexico region. It’s similar in taste to mezcal so you like it or you don’t.


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Oct 6, 2015
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My grandpa always made a big batch of glogg for friends and family, then my dad took over, then my brother made it, after my brother passed away my youngest daughter started making it.

We'll have some when we all get together next week! It's quite a production making up a batch, but man is it good:D

I have fond memories of my grandpa making it when I was a kid~

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