Mr. St. Paul

Mar 26, 2013
Saint Paul, MN
Happy New Resonator Guitar Day...

I was looking at resonator guitars online, more out of curiosity than anything else. I've never owned one, but have loved the sound of them for years. Got an e-mail alert from Amazon about the Pyle resonator. Checked it out, super cheap, mostly good reviews. Had some leftover bonus money from year end, so what the hey? Pulled the trigger.

It came as a package: the guitar, a bag, strap, picks, strings and a clip-on tuner. The bag is just that, it wouldn't protect the guitar from a stiff breeze. The strings are no-name acoustic strings. I'll probably toss them. The strap is fine, but there's only a strap button on the bottom of the guitar. The strap has a string to tie the other end around the headstock. I don't trust that, I'll put a strap button on the heel of the neck. The picks and tuner went in my parts drawer.

So...unboxed it, and the tuners weren't great. I had read some reviews which said check the nuts and screws. EVERY single tuner was, REALLY loose. Tightened down the nuts and screws, plus the tuner keys. They're still not the best, but they hold tune. Cleaned and conditioned the fretboard, but I should have oiled it. Drier than the Sahara. I'll do that next string change. Frets need a polishing, but there's no sprout or sharp edges.

Finish is good--one little blemish on the upper bout--looks like a flake of the binding that got stuck under the poly. Plays really nice. Action is a little low for slide, but doable. Built in electronics sound good, plugged in, it sounds like a resonator.

I'm having fun, no regrets so far!