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Discussion in 'Worship Service Players' started by Tele-beeb, Jan 27, 2021.

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    That would be awesome!
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    Recently my drummer asked, "when I look at the songs you post for reference, they're usually unplugged or stripped down versions sometimes by the original artist, sometimes not, why do you do that?"

    My answer; because I want our musicians to understand the essence of the song and then flesh it out in our context with our unique musicianship.

    He appreciated my answer.

    I find this method helpful for having the band members find their place in a song.
    Of course, I still overplay...everything. But I'm trying to break that habit.
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    I believe overplaying is just a habit praise team bands run into. Piano players are so used to playing and practicing alone,that means all notes/parts high and low.Guitar players can be this way also,the only reason it's not worse is we know guitars are a PART and there is usually more than one. Church piano players have to be careful as they normally play alone ,they don't spend more time playing with other piano players. There are other factors too, the expectation for a given style of piano at church. The willingness of the player to rest where appropriate. Paul Baloche had an instructional video out years ago for praise bands where he spoke about this subject.( when/where to play in song)
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