hey...pedal steelers..help with info

Discussion in 'Other Guitars, other instruments' started by slinger, May 27, 2017.

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    dudes got a 1970 BMI double, converted to a single E9...why would you convert to a single?..is this a rod or cable setup?..whats it worth in average as is condition..Im thinking about trying PS again..lord help us all..LOL
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    Some pedal steels are sold as "SD" single neck in a double neck body. That way you can add a second neck later (not sure this happens much). Are you sure it isn't an SD setup rather than double converted to single?

    No idea on value. BMI is a well known brand though. At least $1500 I would guess if it's in working order.

    Pedal steel is fun. Don't give up!
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    Around 1970, Lloyd Green, one of the most influential pedal steel players ever, realized he never used the C6 neck. So he stripped it of changer, pedals, levers, rods, bellcranks, tuning machines, etc. Per a paraphrase of an email from Lloyd Green in this Steel Guitar Forum thread, the guitar lost 18 pounds, and the sound of the E9 neck was unchanged.

    Rod. It would have been built as a D-10, because purpose-built SD-10s didn't come into being until Green received the first Sho-Bud LDG in 1973.

    I heartily agree with @Ringo that you should check out the Steel Guitar Forum.
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    I wouldn't convert a double neck, but some players never play any swing or jazz.
    I have owned a half dozen pedal steels, including a super cool (new ZB) single on a double frame.
    It was a essentially a ZB (Zane Beck) Lloyd Green model.
    Great sounding, and looking guitar!
    I bought it from the brilliant, late Buckaroo, Tom Brumley.
    If you don't want to play C6th tuning, a single on a double frame is more comfortable to play than a single neck.
    The pad is nice.
    Single necks don't give your forearms any resting area.
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