Help with my reverb pedal order, from blues to ambient and more


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Nov 16, 2018
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I have a G&L ASAT Special going into my buffered Ernie Ball MVP volume pedal.

This is what I want to use, using a music stand to hold the pedals because they are best controlled in real time with the hand. I have the Boss effects on my Katana, where I'll mostly use a couple reverbs and delays from that, my most dry sound. My basic sound.

My pedals are what I need help with the order of them.
I have a Yamaha MagicStomp multi effects pedal that truly has some of the wackiest sounds, nice and not so nice, but absolutely unique with sounds found in no other pedal. For the instrumental exploratory industrial to ambient soundscapes it will be a great benefit. I don't know where in the chain it would it go.

I have a Mooer A7 ambient reverb pedal. Imo, it sounds better than the Blue Sky. There is a pure silky regeneration that is beautiful to play with, very musical.

Red Witch Pentavocal tremolo. This is a high end analog trem that has some unique tweaks, like where you can have the trem on the low end while the top, where the lead line is the focus, has none. Plus 5 tone settings from thin to fat, no eq but it is voiced very well, unique for an analog trem.

TC HOF, a nice reverb pedal that has reverse, and a looper. Looping will be a big part of this pedals duties.

And of course the volume pedal on the floor, maybe a wah down the road.

That's a lot to juggle into optimum order.

Any advice would be appreciated very much.


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Oct 11, 2019
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Depends on which effects you are using in your multi effects units.

Generally, you order pedals as follows to get the most 'natural' sound (from guitar to amp):

1. Tuner
2. Overdrive
3. Distortion
4. Time-based effects (phase/flange/chorus)
5. Delay
6. Reverb


May 27, 2014
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Put the HOF last if you want loops that have the sounds from the other effects.

I go in reverse order of your descriptions first, then go from there.


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Feb 12, 2020
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Is that a Kantana with an effects loop?

Others have commented on the pedal order, I thought I'd talk about volume pedal placement.

If you put the volume pedal in front of the amp, it will control drive into the preamp stage. Even if you're not using a boost pedal, it will affect on how hard the preamp is being pushed. With the Kantana, it will have an effect on the sound and amount of "drive" – although not as much as with an amp that isn't using DSP.

If an amp has an effects loop, and you put the volume pedal in the effects loop, it would normally limit preamp to power amp output. That would have an effect on your sound. But with the Kantana all the processing has already been done. The power amp is really just a clean power amp. In that case I think the volume pedal will really just become a redundant master volume control for your amp. That could be a feature if you want to use it in that way – just controlling overall output.

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