Help! Which strat neck pickup with tele little 59?

Discussion in 'Tele-Technical' started by Sociopanda, Mar 27, 2019.

  1. Sociopanda

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    Oct 14, 2018
    Hello everyone! (I moved the thread from the partcaster forum)

    So basically, I've been scratching my head over which neck pickup I should put in my partcaster, and I need advice from the tele gods. I have a SD little 59 in the bridge position and I alternate often between the full humbucker and the pickup split using some wiring I found that lets me use 100% of the bottom coil and around 20% or so of the upper coil ( I think) . I decided I was going to be using a strat neck pickup in the neck position. I was also considering going noiseless with either the dimarzio area, fender noiseless or one of the SD's stack ( can't afford kinmans). I would need something kinda versatile, as I mostly play rock and blues, but I'm also gonna be going to jazz school next year.

    One of my problems is that I'm not sure how I should match the polarities of the pickups with that configuration. I don't know how much that matters if I go noiseless for the neck, but I'd like to have some opinions. Also, let's say I don't go noiseless for the neck PU and I wanna keep my middle position hum free, should I use a strat middle pickup (Seymour's RWRP or a normal fender)? This is all a bit confusing to me, so I'd appreciate some much-needed wisdom!

    If that can help in any way, I run my pickups through a 250k volume pot and a 500k tone pot with 2 different capacitors accessible with a push-pull

    I tried to look for info on that on the forum and on the internet but I really haven't found much.
    Thanks a lot!
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    The '59 has 4 wires so you flip the hot/ground wires for good middle position. I'd use standard single coil for the neck position; it'll give you best of both since you already have a humbucker in the bridge.
    Probably need a somewhat hot strat pickup to match the lil'59.
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