Help me choose my first Tele


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May 3, 2016
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Go to a guitar store with a good variety of models and the model amp you own.

Start playing guitars. If you find several that you like, start doing A vs. B tests to eliminate guitars until you have one left. Buy that one.

Do this, yes, the guitar will tell you it’s the right one.

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Jan 24, 2010
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Hi all,

First post here -- always been a strat guy (still am), but I think I'm finally ready to grab my first tele and I could use some help in making my big decision.

Budget - I'm looking to spend ~1-1500 (CAD) ish give or take.
This rules out a lot of the higher end American models and the Squier line (I'm not opposed to getting a CV or something of the like. My strat is a CV 60th anniversary and it's my daily driver).

Neck - I have pretty normal hands and fairly stubby thumbs (broke them both at the same time when I was a kid -- you'll never guess how many Fonzie jokes I had to endure) so:
-No thick U necks for me I think
-pretty much everything else is game
-very used to C shape 9.5" radius, but willing to branch out
-intrigued by the soft V
-prefer rosewood top, but all maple is fine too
-usually prefer larger frets

Pickups - I'm not 100% sure what I really want out of the pickups because I don't know teles extremely well. I like a bridge that bites and a nice funky middle position. I can share some things I have liked and did not like when I heard them.
-I really like the sound of the J Masics signature tele pickups (except the out of phase middle, not a fan)
-Like the TL 62 MIJ pickups
-Like the Tokai 98B pickups
-Like the new JV 50s modified pickups
-Not a fan of G&L pickups (they're clear, but sound a big hi-fi? for my taste)
-Not a fan of Godin's tele line pickups
-Not a fan of N3 noiseless pickups (they're okay, but I don't want a guitar I'm just okay with)

Bridge - No major preference on topload vs string thru. Fixed though, no trem system - I have a strat for that

Body - Thinline vs solid -- I lean toward solid, but thinlines are also pretty sexy. The only problem I have is that the controls are farther away and will make swells harder (I think?-- again not a lot of experience here)

Color - because I'm shallow and apparently it matters?
-Honestly most colors work, but I'm not a classic butterscotch fan
-Prefer blues, but again not suuuper picky here

Features - Classic 3-way switching is about all I need. The S1 switching is neat, but not necessary. I don't need out of phase sounds or on board boosts, etc

I would prefer to buy the guitar I want without having to modify after buying, but I have modified before, so going with a CV and upgrading some stuff is not out of the question -- it's exactly what I did with the strat. Again, would rather just buy and play though.

So far, I am seriously considering
-the J Masics signature -- a little out of budget though. Not sure I can justify the extra $$ and then have to fix the wiring after I get it to sort out the middle position
-The Vintera 50s modified -- I actually like the blue in the 60s modified series better and would consider it, but I'm not sure I like the pickups as much as the 50s modified. I'm also intrigued by the thick soft v, though the neck on the 60s is totally fine. If I could get the modified 50s pickups on the 60s modified, it would be a win, but as it is, I lean 50s modified
-MIJ TL62 if I can find one and in budget
-Tokai 98B or 106B
-JV 50s modified from the 2022 lineup -- but like the J Masics, it's starting to get up there in price. Beautiful, but also seems to almost be a vintera 50s modified with a different colorway essentially.

Anything I'm really missing here? Anything on my list you would recommend I steer clear of?
I'm not opposed to going outside the big F brand for a quality guitar. One of my main barriers is that it needs to be in Canada or I pay some hefty import fees and I want to avoid that.

If you made it this far, I really appreciate you taking the time to read through. Cheers!
Shop the FB Marketplace and Kijiji, many great guitars well under your price limit.
I see you’re close by, come see my band sometime, we’ll talk Teles. 🙂 - Dave