Help...another question on ohms and watts

Discussion in 'Amp Tech Center' started by tweeet, Mar 1, 2020.

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    Or if the new amp only has one speaker out then he will only be able to use one speaker in the cab......unless he rewires the cab back to a series or parallel configuration.
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    I bought an Egnater tweaker 15 in the end (15w tube). It has a 16ohm output so I've wired the cab in series. It sounds fantastic...lots of options and I've tested it in the front room...wife still in work so no hassle...first gig tomorrow...rock 'n roll ! Thanks again all.

    PS...I may remove the logo in time and change the black knobs for vintage white.
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    With 12 strings you get double signal and therefore half the impedance going into the amp. That will double your output power. The extra speaker will double it again! If that is too much power for you then you'll need to double the distance you usually play from your amplifier. But that might mean that you need a instrument cable that is twice as long which doubles the capacitance of the cable and would then half your signal levels on the high frequencies. You could play at the same distance if you coil the cable up, because that will double the inductance of the cable and then boost the output a bit in the high frequencies. To otherwise compensate for this you would have to half your normal setting on the tone knob, or you could use a guitar pick that is half as thick or pluck at half strength.

    Okay, I made all that up. I've seen a lot of posts about this lately and thought we could use some humor since it can get VERY confusing....
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