Hello from Belgium!

Love For Teles

Nov 16, 2022
Sweet guitars. Sorry you guys lost the match
Yes, the ltd player is lovely, the pro II unique due to it's neck and that vintage II is pure. But I did let go of the pro II now.

I had to think "what match did we lose?"
I'm not into football/soccer in the slightest bit, hahah!

Cosmic Cowboy

Dec 10, 2020
New Mexico
Hi all!

I've been an acoustic fingerstyle guitarist for over 16 years now and... Due to some of my heroes also playing electric guitar, I felt like adding that to my set of skills too.

I quickly discovered an enormous passion for telecasters. The simplicity and design just made me fall in love!
I do intend to add a strat to the collection this winter though, but I'm still researching models such as the Pro II, Vintage II 57 and 61 or maybe even a PRS Silver Sky.

That said, I needed a tele first. I found this absolutely lovely LTD player series tele in Burgundy Mist Metallic. I cannot express how good this guitar feels and sounds... I currently also own another very lovely Pro II with a gorgeous and unique flamed neck. Lastly I also currenlty have the vintage II 1951 tele with it's beautiful ash body, laquer, tinted neck and brown/red case... The pro II and vintage II are currently being tried out so I can decide between them.

Thanks for reading yall! <3
Wow. What an introduction! Comin strong. Nice collection.

Question? Is Belgian Beer...the Wheaty stuff really a national staple there, or is just an American idiosyncrasy?