Have You Found Your Electric Guitar Gas-X. Something That Truly Remedied You G.A.S.?


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Aug 12, 2014
Turku, Finland
This is an old folk talking to other old folks.
I don't think I'll ever be rid of GAS. I've had it in all areas all my life.
That said, I'd need to win the lottery for the guitar-things that either got away from me or weren't even on the table
due to meager finances.

So, without further ado... my when-I-win-the-lottery -list:
- Gibson Les Paul Custom CSB (I'll have Gibson CS make one for me... not heritage CSB, the bright clown colors)
- Fender Telecaster Custom with a thinline body! (I'll need to have Fender CS make one for me because those just don't exist!)
- Ibanez JEM 77FP (I'll track down an owner and pay whatever he asks)
- Chapman Stick (Grand Stick -version... I bet I could play Seven Nation Army on that thing right out of the box)

I guess the bill would be around $15k-$25k depending on the breaks plus the import fees for
daring to import anything into the EU.

So... as another poster said: Poverty is my most effective GAS-X.
I'll always be a packrat.
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Apr 14, 2006
Colorado Springs, CO
Age(65) and the reality of my future playing situations. My church playing is direct from Helix+IEM, so no need for more amps. I don’t see any bands in my future so the gear I do have is just for home. But don’t cry for my lack of GAS
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Dec 10, 2020
Ithaca, NY
When it comes to electric guitars, assuming they are reasonably built, they all are going to sound more the same than different.
Not that I don’t have my preferences, but after I acquired 3 electrics and an acoustic I knew what I was looking for wasn’t another guitar, it was practice time!

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Mar 25, 2021
God's Country
For me, it's about the "One Guitar" for various genres of music, or for various guitar types.
To Wit: If you're into country, it might be a Telecaster that delivers bodacious twang with hot singlecoils.
If it's blues, perhaps a 335 with humbuckers that ooze soul in every note.
If you're a "Classic Rocker," it's a Strat or Les Paul that enables you to deliver blistering solos.
If you're a flatpicker, it's a dreadnaught that plays like greased lightning.

That being said, I have a couple of Telecasters that do country and blues and rock OK>great.
Utility infielders that show up for practice on time. step up to the plate, and swing for the fences.
And a Hamer LP Junior I hotrodded with a Lollar P90 that is raw and outstanding for slide and blues and rock.
But the closest thing to the "One" I have is this:

Hamer Special K (Indonesian).
Korina body, ebony fingerboard, and 2 rockin' P90s.
Got it brand new for under $500 delivered.
All I did was swap out the evil Asian pots and switch and jack and install Sperzel lockers.
It handles everything I throw at it - country, blues, rock and roll ...
And its light weight makes it a JOY to play.
It's by far one of the least expensive electrics I'll ever own.
And one of the all-time best.

Now, that doesn't mean I'm not on the prowl for the next all-star guitar ...
Perhaps a Reverend Double Agent?
Time and budget will tell. ;)


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Apr 20, 2019
Old Dominion
As soon as I replace the neck on my ultra Strat I'm all done. Ordered with oily Brazilian RW in that modified 10-56 V profile I love, compound radius, vintage tuners, on a Rosewood neck (yes Indian rosewood neck) medium Jumbo SS frets, can't wait till I get it from Musikraft. Arctic Pearl body.tort guard OMG I am so excited should be just the right amount of bright for the Ultra's noiseless pickups. Blue moon glow dots!

Also finishing a build on a lightweight relic (formerly road worn MIM) body nitro, with same neck as above with a couple differences - tall thin SS, roasted AA flame rock hard maple quarter sawn, vintage tuners, etc...

These necks adjust at the heal and have the dual carbon fiber stabilizers in them both.

Keeping a few others and have decided what I am dumping for good. Life will be simpler and all will be good.

Twin Reverb and a Big Sky Pedal with a couple other cheap pedals in the mix, a few Champ 20's around the house and I'm all set.

Oh yeah there's that Telecaster from Nate, too.


Mar 26, 2019
Man, it's so hard to say no to GAS. I alas am human, charmed
by the many guitars available, but I'll be strong. Take it a day at a


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Mar 2, 2010
Well sorta, better 'n bear spray at least.

1) play at feedback volume every day
2) never buy cheapo crap gear
3) never sell gear I like for a while because I eventually like it again
4) never watch new gear youtubes out of boredom
5) record often and compare "improved" toanz the the lousy old sound

I bet #1 is huge, nobody is ever really satisfied by teeny tones


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Apr 10, 2015
Italy and Switzerland
I have more fiddles and amps than I'll ever need, but I'm afraid I'll never be cured: there's just too much wonderful guitar gear out there… that lovely sonic blue strat, that old amp I've always liked popping up, …. It's room and family constraints that keep me sane. Now I'm trying to stick to a 1 in 1 out policy. But even so I'm always scheming for some gear acquisition. Current obsession: getting a 1931-1935 Epiphone DeLuxe (and if I find one, lose my good old 50s Höfner). Yep, might take a while! If anyone has the rare bird in stable and wants to part with it, PM me.

Where were we? Ah, yes, losing G.A.S.… 😄


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Feb 19, 2019
South Carolina, USA
Why can't we all just be Brian May? Absolute legend who played one guitar for an entire career!
No so. May used more than one guitar. He used other types of guitars, like Strats, Teles, Gretschs and a Flying V, but also used numerous replicas of Red Special. So many times when he was playing Red, he wasn't really playing Red.


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Aug 17, 2013
Essex UK
Many electric guitarists have come to know G.A.S. as an addiction or way of life. I've always laughed at threads about this issue but at the same time averaged one new electric guitar purchase every nine months or so. After you reach a dozen or so you start admitting to yourself that there may be an issue here that needs to be addressed. If you're rich or young enough to use a payment plan this problem can be navigated, but, when an average earner gets older and no longer is willing to take on debt .... something needs to shut it down. I've always wanted to enter my retirement / golden years debt free yet satisfied with my stable of electric guitars. I don't want to grow old thinking of the one that got away. I still work full time, (I love my job), but will probably retire in my early 70s. Say 3 to 5 years from now.

I stopped buying amps 3 years ago. I own more than I need and made my last purchase a Mesa Boogie Mark V:35 because the Mesa Boogie Mark series always seemed to define me during the '70s to '00. This last purchase was quite a bit cheaper than my prior 3 amp purchases but seemed a fitting way to close that door. It's worked perfectly. I still love to talk about amps but feel no need to ever make another purchase. I've got a few high end boutiques, a couple of Fender production models and my last Mesa Boogie Mark series as mentioned. I'm set and happy.

About 20 months back I purchased an electric guitar that, (not knowing it at the time), would apparently cure my G.A.S. forever. Since the day it arrived in my home I've never once considered another electric guitar purchase. I still love all the other electric guitars in my stable prior to this particular purchase but, no other electric guitar purchase has been able to totally shut down my G.A.S.. I know for a fact that my electric guitar purchase days are behind me. So ...... No more amplifiers and no more electric guitar purchases. That's a huge milestone for me.

I still belong to guitar / amp forums and visit guitar / amp dealerships but feel zero desire to make a purchase. Nothing offered can top what I've got. It's true ...... I've always wanted a Gibson 335, another SG like I traded in years ago, another Fender Telecaster X 3 or 4, a solid body Ricky 12 string to go with my Ricky 12 string semi-hollow, and / or a Gretsch Country Gentleman. Now I check them out, walk into my studio and play for an hour, and totally lose any desire to make a purchase.

Dealers who've come to depend upon me shouldn't give up all hope. I'm still open to purchases of guitar pickups, guitar straps, N.O.S. amplifier tubes and all other electric guitar related gear. I'll just never buy another Electric guitar or Amplifier. I am so perfectly satisfied that nothing will change the way I feel.

Are there others here who could share their stories about what freed them from G.A.S. I'm sure some youngsters, (under 50), might be on the fence. Looking for a cure. My advice ....... make the choice to find an electric guitar that covers the goal of "finding me" with price no object. For hobbyists or weekend players or folks who just want something to fill in the down times this post is not for you. I would never spend this money on a hobby. Are you a golfer? Buy some clubs. Are you a car collector. Buy another car. This thread is about electric guitarists who might never stop dipping into they're savings trying to fulfill a need. Look past the known. Do some research. Find an electric guitar that meets the majority of your goals, surpasses many of the others and takes you to a level you just know you'll never surpass. No matter the price ..... unless you have to sell your first born son ...... buy it. [Note*** This is a thread for older players who are having difficulties freeing themselves from a lifetime of G.A.S. . If you're young and have a lifetime to make and correct choices just pass. This is an old folk talking to other old folks.
Definitely, happens about once a year!!


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Jun 28, 2019
left coast
I notice the ads and articles about guitars and I see many beautiful creations that are appealing.
I have what I need to create the sounds that a piece calls for. I have not really plumed the depths of the guitars that I do have. The last guitar that I bought was a New Les Paul Modern and before that a Les Paul Jr with a P-90 in the Bridge.
I bought these with the Idea of making heavier High Gain sounds with a lot of sustain, maybe call it Sludge


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Nov 16, 2010
I'd really like to slim down my horde, but can't seem to make any progress. And just when I think I'm done with buying more, something comes along that for one reason or another I'm compelled to get.

I don't go into debt, but it's at the point now that my gear horde is feeling burdensome.

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