Have you ever had a fellow band member that messed with your knobs?

CV Jee Beez

Nov 24, 2016
Duarte, CA
Nope. Never had someone do that. I've encountered someone asking for more of this or less of that.

I frown on someone touching my guitar in a band setting and I think I give off that vibe because nobody has ever just grabbed it while unattended.

That being said, I wouldn't go nuts/ballistic if someone did. I'd just clean and get the other persons juju off later.

Matt Sarad

Apr 29, 2003
Buckers Field!
The bassistwould tell me to turn down my Tweed Deluxe as soon as it was on. It was always at 3. I told him it was at rehearsal or performance volume.
it was annoying as Hell.
Last gig outside I turned on my PRS H Head. I hit a chord. Before I could make a single adjustment I heard him say,"Turn it down."Then he got so list in one tune we couldn't save it
He was fired after that.
He would play too softly when he was lost.Deer in the headlights Didn't practice outside of rehearsals. Brought songs we told him didn't fit in a band devoted to blues.
Biggest mistake?
I gave him a chorus pedal to try.
He decided it "added a fuller sound" and bought one of his own. Then he build a pedal board with the chorus, fuzz, and octave pedal.

Glad he's gone.

I heard he joined a Dead Tribute band. We spent two years teaching him how to play bass correctly and efficiently along with a dozen or more Dead tunes.

I hope the new band can keep him under control.