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Dec 24, 2004
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No, seriously!

I purchased a new D'Angelico Bedford Premier SH from Guitar Center in December on sale for about 1/2 price. When I went to pick it up locally, I did not get a gig bag even though it stated on the website that it came with one. When I asked, they said they didn't have it. I called the next day and spoke to a manager, telling him that I should have gotten a gig bag, as they come with one, and he said "Sorry, we don't have one for you."

So, I wrote a letter to the CEO (you can look up that info online) and mailed it off, even saying I didn't really expect this to reach him. A week later I get a phone call and follow up email from the "Contact Care Manager" saying he was going to hunt down a gig bag for me. A couple of days later I get another email from him, saying he can't find any anywhere, and that he will order one for me direct from D'Angelico, but because of supply-chain issues it may take six weeks or so.

The bag came last Thursday.

I emailed the gentleman back and told him that I received the bag and really appreciated the commitment to service. Then, I crafted another letter to the CEO and thanked him for his commitment to service, and called out the Contact Care Manager by name for his awesomeness.

I just thought this should be put out there to remind us all that polite correspondence can often bridge a lot of gaps.

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May 25, 2007
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Good/great customer service should get some form of recognition. The fact that you addressed this with positiveness is fantastic

Bad/poor customer service needs recognition also. It should be brought to the attention of whoever will listen as high up the ladder as you can get.

I have been hung up on before when I complained and tried to go up the chain. I just called back, got another person and immediately asked to speak to their supervisor. Did this a few times and finally got a sympathetic ear. BINGO! My issue was addressed in a positive manner and I was able to get an “attaboy” to the person that provided customer service

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I like the story so much, I just bought a Bulk Pack of D'Addario EXL120s (11-49). Twenty five sets for just under $ 100, taxes and shipping included. Guitar Center dotcom, but they're all together aren't they? Call for this deal.


Dec 18, 2007
The usual advice for handling corporations is: escalations will get you far. Well done. Congrats on handling the issue well :)