Handwired amps! Hype?

Discussion in 'Amp Central Station' started by Fred Rogers, Oct 13, 2014.

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    Apr 14, 2006
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    Both instances will probably be a shop minimum of $80 to the customer. Doesn't matter to me if my repair bill is more parts cost or more labor cost.

    Full disclosure I don't change my own car oil, I don't repair my own appliances, I hire people to cut the limbs off my trees. I do understand if you have the ability and desire to do the work yourself then $.75 is of course better than $30. But I just don't believe the average guitar player is an electronics repair person. The repairability issue is true theoretically, but in practice the repair shops around here are piled high with amps and a three week turnaround.
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    I agree that newish PCB amps really aren't "designed to be fixed." Look at darn near all consumer electronics. They are disposable. Remember TV repair shops in every town? VCR repair as being a "career?" Not so in todays world. Amps are the same way.
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    I'm an old tech who trained on tube amps, then started building PCB solid state gear. I'm also a guitarist, and I'm only interested in what comes out of the speaker, which is 9/10ths me. I'm getting a lot of pleasure out of my HRDx with a Bogner Wessex OD pedal at the moment..just sitting back with a fine wine enjoying the tone!
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    We should have muchxs comment on this... Hahaha
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    PCB gear can sound as good or better than handwired and compared to handwired or PTP can be a real pleasure to work on.

    That's not saying there hasn't been a lot of really cruddy pcbs, cruddy circiuts on pcbs and companys that use pcbs that just use a lot of poor electronics practices.

    I build my own amps handwired because the circuits of the amps I use and of most good sounding amps in general are so simple you don't really need to etch a pcb for them. A lot of studio gear isn't so simple and you start seeing why pcbs are so nice. I'm sitting next to a mixer that probably has 18 complex preamps in it, 16 eqs, , countless components inside. a small power amp. Even just a small 1 channel compressor can be complex. As a guy that has to rip these things apart and mod and work on them. I'm glad they are pcb.

    Handwired is great for what it is and sounds great too. The real benefits of it is it looks cool and a great way to do things when you are building gear in your basement.

    There are always going to be some old geezer perpetuating myths like handwired is better than pcb, lacquer sounds better than poly. The reality is as far as sound goes they are all about the same. They are some defining factors why to use one or the other in certain situations and guitars and amps are the type of thing where every little thing you can do to make them sound better helps. So I can see why it's a big deal but in an age where most people are buying amps with the worst components used to make them, with big crappy tone sucking circuits designed by guys that must have absolutely no Idea what they are doing. It's kind of boggles my mind when people say it must be the pcb that makes this amp sound not as good as a vintage fender. Well I'll let you in on a little secret. It's not the pcbs that are the problem.
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    I'd always break a sweat repairing a PCB.
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