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    Recently a number of hand gun, rifle, conceal carry and hunting threads have been started here. And in many cases had to be closed due to fighting.

    A few TDPers have contacted us and asked us to prohibit such threads because they cause disruption. We don't see gun threads any different than "relic guitar" threads or "tone is in the hands" threads or even "tonewood" threads.

    The problem isn't the subject it is the troll posting by people on the opposite side of the subject matter.

    In a "relic" thread people post admiration or some such for a relic guitar. Those that HATE relics should stay away from those threads, but they don't. They become troll posters and jump in to display their disgust. A fight breaks out and the thread must be closed.

    Who is to blame in a scenario like this? The people posting about the relic guitar? Or the troll poster posting in a thread only to cause disruption?

    In our minds, it's the troll that is in the wrong. Should relic threads be prohibited then, because trolls start fights in them? We don't think so.

    Now replace the word relic with the word gun in the scenario above -- see, it's the same thing.

    If you HATE guns then don't post in gun related threads. Because if you troll post in those threads YOU will be the one to be singled out and reprimanded for YOUR disruption and fighting.

    What we don't want here is people fighting with each other. Plan and simple. Be a grown up and show enough maturity to stay away from subjects that are perfectly fine without you bringing your hatred for the subject into the thread.

    Keep in mind though -- this is a guitar forum. And, we don't want this to become a gun forum. The Bad Dog Cafe is an off-topic forum, but it is NOT a gun forum. Nothing would make us make guns an off-limits topic quicker than a large number of gun threads taking over the Bad Dog Cafe.

    People on both sides of this and every other issue need to exhibit maturity, restraint and civility to keep the TDPRI a fun place to be. We expect every one of you to live up to this standard.
IMPORTANT: Treat everyone here with respect, no matter how difficult!
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Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.
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