Halvorson show last night

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Feb 16, 2017
Maine USA
Went to the fairly new Jimmy's Jazz and Blues Club in Portsmouth, NH last night, to see Mary Halvorson and company play her two new albums live. The venue is superb, and the show was fantastic. First set was of the 'Belladonna' album with the Mivos Quartet; and the second set 'Amaryllis, was with her sextet (guitar/bass/drums/trumpet/trombone/vibraphone) who were joined partway thru that set by Mivos, so a tentet at that point. All music composed by Mary, incredible, and all great players including Adam O'Farrill on trumpet. Our dinner table was right at the stage, and we got to chat with Mary afterward; so all in all it was a great night! (Ps, at the start of set 2, Mary had no sound, and she/they had to mess around for a good 10 minutes re-running cords, trying individual pedals one-by-one etc. ... just like us mere mortals hah. The guilty party was an octave pedal, which she said was "least important" and ditched it.)


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