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    Sep 19, 2006
    Electrics: I like a lot of 'em:D...but the only solid body that even gets a glance is a tele. I like semi-hollows and I really like archtops....12's on Gibson scale, .11's on Fender scale, always with a wound G. Pretty much anything I play mostly plugged in has gotta have flatwound strings on it. Not too picky about nut width/scale length, etc...a good one is a good one.

    Acoustics: No flash for me, I hate inlay and pearl and all that...again, I prefer an archtop to anything else, but Taylors are pretty cool...Martins are simply not my bag, at all. No dreadnaughts.

    Amps: Solid state...small, loud, and clean. I have absolutely no use for "breakup."

    Straps: I'll sit, thank you very much. Otherwise, a Levy's 2" leather strap is fine, I guess.

    Picks: make 'em thick with a nice bevel and a thumb imprint is a nice least 2.5mm. I like Dugains and John Pearse "Fast Turtles" best...
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