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    Gene Moles was the first I met. He was a major country guitarist here in Bakersfield. Faster than greased lightning, his solos were always inventive.
    Bill Grugett worked at Mosrite as the shop manager. He was topnotch. When my 1962 ES 335 got knocked out of the stand and the headstock snapped, he did a great job repairing it.
    Dale Sheehan specialized in acoustic guitars. I thought he was good. My friend who collected 1939s Martins didn't like him.

    Kerry Savee worked at Rickenbacker guitars for a few years and settled down at Glenn's Music. Kerry was the best so far, able to build a perfect electric guitar or bass from the ground up.

    Most recently a guy named Jimmy kicked the bucket. He was a guitar tech for Stephen Stills and others and really knew his stuff evidently.

    Another nameless self taught tech hung up the phone on me. I asked for a wooden shim in my Strat to get the neck angle dialed in. He said he just uses a business card. I told him that was unacceptable. He countered with brass. I told him it was unacceptable. The phone went dead.

    There are a few other guys in town at Guitar Center and the local shop.

    Now I drive to Fresno or Paso Robles to visit old friends who know their craft. Tom worked at Santa Cruz Guitar Company and Brad learned at World of Strings in Long Beach before getting a job at National Guitars.

    My go to guy in San Luis Obispo, Butch Boswell, spent a few years in the repair department at Rudy's in Soho,NYC. Upon his return he worked on all my acoustic guitars and mandolin before heading to Bend,OR to repair and build acoustics.

    If you live in Bend, you're out of luck. He is a full time luthier now charging $12k.

    In San Francisco, I was told to see Alan Perlman.
    When I went to pick up my OM he had put a new saddle in, he opened up a case and handed me Bob Weir's 1930 OM45.

    That's my story.
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    If handed Bobby Weir's 1930 OM45 - I would smile as hard as I've ever smiled
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