Guitar Center Visit to Try A Telecaster Goes Wrong!

Discussion in 'Telecaster Discussion Forum' started by jpjr50, Aug 26, 2019.

  1. golfnut

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    Jan 15, 2008
    When I go in to Long and Mcquade (the Canadian equivalent of Guitar Center I guess) and I'm interested in an amp, pedal or electric, I'll spend 5 to 10 minutes auditioning just to get an idea of whether its got potential. But I really have no idea up to that point if its going to work unless I try it out on my rig. With Long and Mcquades 30 day return policy I will generally take it home and audition it the way I need to in the privacy of my home or a gig.
    I just returned a 50's American Original Strat after having it just one night.
    But then there are times when people just want to hang out in the store and browse for the heck of it. I used to do that alot when I was younger and had more time to do that. And I imagine there would have been times I annoyed others with playing too loud for to long. Thankfully I matured from that period. Now if I'm just in to browse I generally pickup electrics unplugged or play acoustic.
    Point is I get to do my true auditioning at home.
    Not sure if Guitar Center has a similar return policy that allows auditioning out side the store.
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    May 14, 2008
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    Next time (if there is one), tell the manager, whether your friend is there or not! I have had this happen to me, too.

    When it's kids doing it, it's like a coming of age thing, and I get that, but I still don't like it...

    ...but when it's grown men doing it, then it's just plain arrogant and rude.
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  3. GuitarKid

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    Nov 29, 2013
    That's one of the doctor behaviors I've encountered in my life. Entitledness not only in the work evironment but also everywhere else - malls, supermarkets, and guitar stores.

    Of course I've seen good, humble doctors - about one and a half in my entire life.
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  4. verb boten

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    May 12, 2019
    Kinda funny/odd; the big stores 'don't have that room but a tiny (by comparison) mom & pop, tucked away in a strip mall have 2!
    Big enough for 2 people, an amp (already there) and guitar. Sweet!
    I wonder if there are ever shouting matches over this scenerio...i can easily picture it: "your playing sux bigtime and it's so f***ing loud, we can't shut it out. Why don't you shop acoustics?"
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    Jul 22, 2004
    Thanks. I try to use “bollocks” as often as possible too. Just doing my part to preserve the language.

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    Jun 8, 2019
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    A man after my own heart!
  7. Telecaster88

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    May 9, 2019
    Midwest USA
    Guitar Center has a 45 day, no questions asked, return policy. I took advantage of that when I bought my used SG from them. The day I bought it was a Noisy Saturday, so I took it home, got to play it through my own amp over the weekend, even took it into to my tech to have him check for any flaws or potential problems I might have overlooked. (I had played it in-store the week before when I could hear myself... So I knew I was definitely interested, but that return policy made it risk free to give it a shot.)
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    Jan 30, 2009
    new york
    Each member of your family should have gotten onto a drum kit and did their version of Zeps Moby dick.
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  9. ClashCityTele

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    Jun 7, 2018
    Washington, UK
    You and your entire family should have stood right up close to the guy, stared him in the eyes for a few seconds, and then started playing air guitar & headbanging in his face.
    As soon as there were a dozen shoppers & staff videoing it all on their 'phones, he would have pissed off.
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  10. 2 Headed Goat

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    Jul 28, 2012
    age 8
    and his cousin noodles incessantly on the bass...
  11. sothoth

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    Nov 24, 2010
    That same guy follows me to every guitar shop I go to. And if I head to the acoustic room to get away from him, he follows me and tells me what chords to play so I can jam with him and then he critiques my playing if it doesn’t match what he asked me to play (even though I wasn’t actually trying to play that). He tells me all about how Martin is better than Taylor (or is it the other way around) until I go back to the electric section. Then he shows up there again plays that one metal solo he learned 2 years ago and just repeats it over and over until I just want to barf and leave.

    Then several weeks later he mysteriously appears at the next shop I go to and does the same thing. I think he frequents this forum as well.

    This is why I buy online to build my own now. I just can’t shake him.

    So while I do think the guy is kind of rude and I don’t like him, he seems to be there every time I go shopping for equipment, so I’m just going to figure out how to ask him politely if he can turn it down a little or ask the people who work there to help me out finding a way to test something quietly, because otherwise I’ll never get to enjoy guitar shopping again.
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  12. outbreak

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    Dec 28, 2007
    That's when you tell the staff you want to try out some high gain pedals through a marshall stack, just leave everything on all the gain with all the treble possible and give him some fine noisecore feedback. Don't even play, just pull out your earplugs and leave the guitar wide open for him against the amp.
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  13. T Prior

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    Mar 17, 2003
    Charlotte NC
    just to restate, ONE GC incident is not specific to others. These incidents are not on GC but perhaps whoever was in charge, on duty .

    Being a manger doesn't mean you can actually MANAGE.


    Years back, my wife, daughter and I went to the Mall to return a shirt or something, it was at one of those high end boutique brand stores. Abercrombie Fitch I think.

    The Customer Service return line and the purchase line were the same line. Maybe 20 people standing in line. The counter clerks were very young and cutting up with each other , laughing, joking etc...while conducting business. Helping ONE customer at a time even though there were 3 or 4 of them at the counter. It wasn't going very well in fact it was going very poorly for the customers.

    When my wife finally got to the counter she was mad as hell, she asked to speak to the manger, so one kid taps the other kid on the shoulder and says "this lady wants to talk to you "

    And there ya have it...
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  14. Lefty Addams

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    May 6, 2012
    yeah but I don't think many of them knows the actual meaning, in a non-guitar way that is.
  15. hotpot

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    Aug 15, 2013
    Lancashire UK
    In our local music stores (what few are left) you aren't allowed to play on the floor, you have to go into a separate room to play through an amp, much more civilised. :)
  16. jazzalta

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    Jan 25, 2004
    Where I shop the store is big and shaped like a T, so there is always a corner somewhere where staff could set me up in cases like this. I also remember the days of the mom and pop shops where they'd let you take an instrument home overnight or to a gig to try out. That wouldn't happen today.
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  17. GearGeek01

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    Jan 26, 2007
    Reason number #6,782 why I will never shop at another Guitar Center.

    Here's my last GC experience...

    Guitar Center, Ornage Park, Florida. Called the guitar tech (Richard Birt)... "I have an Epiphone Les Paul that I've bought all new parts for, pickups, pots, switch, jack, wires, caps... how much to throw it together?"

    Guitar tech: "50 bucks"

    Me: Wow, great, I'll bring it by..."


    Not long after I get to the store...

    Tech: "oh that will be $100"

    Me: "but you said $50 on the phone and I explained exactly what I needed"

    Tech: "well, that's a lot of work, and I would have never told you $50" (thereby calling me a liar)

    Me: (face is fuming)

    Needing this done, I succumb and hand him the guitar.


    On the day he promised it done... he calls in sick (a Friday of course)... hasn't even started on the guitar...


    Next TUESDAY the guitar is done... so I go in to pick it up...

    Remember, I gave him ALL NEW PARTS... (brand new still in the box Dimarzio pups, CTS pots, Switchcraft jack and toggle, Gavitt push back wires, braided wires for the switch, caps... everything)

    Me: I notice the jack nut is loose (but he just fixed this guitar... WTF?) -- upon further inspection he had used some of the OLD EPIPHONE WIRE (plastic surround...) to run from the switch to the jack. The nice coil of BRAIDED wire I gave him to use was in the bag of old parts he gave me back.

    Me: I notice the neck pickup is not even wired to the switch (or something, it is not working at all in the middle toggle position).

    Me: My decision is to NOT take my guitar back to this tech. In fact he will never see me or this guitar ever again. AND, I am done for life with Guitar Center. Just way way too many bad experiences at GC.


    So, I take the guitar to another tech and spend another $60 to have it fixed the RIGHT way.

    Me: "so how is the guitar fix-it going?"

    New tech/different store: "Well, I got some good news and some bad news... first, your previous tech burnt up the circuit board on one of your CTS push/pull pots so bad that it will need to be replaced. Next, somehow he bent one of the lugs on your brand new Switchcraft toggle switch so that it was shorting out the bridge pickup in the middle position. -- Also, one of your speed knobs on the volume controls (also brand new parts) was broken (evidently broken by the Guitar Center "tech" and I use that term very loosely, he's more of a "hack" than a "tech"), so I applied some Super Glue to it, and it seems to be holding. -- Good news is I carry a better push/pull than these Chinese circuit boarded CTS push/pulls. My push/pulls have regular lugs you solder to... I'll give hem to you at cost. (I had no idea the CTS push/pulls were made in China... the type with the stupid circuit board with tiny holes you have the figure out... yeah, those ones). Oh, and by the way, he didn't wire your guitar coil split as you asked, he wired it out-of-phase..."

    This guy at the different store (a killer mom and pop by the way) has been repairing guitars for 25+ years. The GC hack has been faking out the public that he knows what the F he is been doing for 6 years. Big difference. Typical Guitar Center knucklehead.

    So, the moral to the story is that there is no way in hell I am EVER going to walk into another Guitar Center store.

    OH... and check this out... Guitar Center, INC has currently lost their license in the state of Florida to sell used gear. How in the hell does that happen? No Guitar Center in Florida can currently sell any used items. Even from their GC web page, if the item is in Florida it cannot be sold... EVEN if you have a used item on lay-a-way at a GC in Florida, you can't pay it off and take it home. Total corporate cluster-F.... What a great company, (NOT) (Millions of dollars in debt, I can only hope they go bankrupt and out of bussiness very very soon)

    So, here's a list of all the F-up's the GC guitar hacker left for me, and charged me TWICE what he quoted me on the phone...

    - Jack nut was loose (not a biggee but made me inspect the rest)
    - He used the old Epiphone plastic sheathed wire to run from switch to jack (after I had supplied him with ample and correct braided wire
    - He had crammed the toggle switch into the guitar and thereby bent one of the lugs on the (brand new) toggle switch so that it shorted out the bridge pickup in the middle toggle position
    - He burnt up one of the CTS push/pull pots so that it needed to be replaced, I had to replace BOTH push/pulls so that they matched.
    - I asked him specifically to wire the pickups on the push/pulls for COIL SPLITTING... instead he wired them for out-of-phase.


    I decide at this point Guitar Center is definitely the worst place to do any guitar business on the planet. I have lived in 37 of the 50 states and I can attest that EVERY SINGLE GUITAR CENTER is the same F-ed up bunch of crap. IMHO, the entire chain is worthless for anything. (And those guitars way up high on the walls, where heat rises, and then they get bombarded all day by the heat of lamps, etc... can't be good...) Weeeee


    So, IMHO, "boycott Guitar Center"... if we tell them what we think with our wallets (by not doing business there) they will possibly get the message.
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  18. Sax-son

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    Mar 20, 2019
    Three Rivers, CA
    Going to Guitar Center is a horrid experience in my opinion. It's so noisy in there with novice players flailing away on some guitar with the amp volume cranked up to 11. I need a beer after I leave there. It's good if you need strings or something and that's about it. Unfortunately, all the great mom and pop music stores were pretty much run out of business by these big box chains so depending where you live, there may not be any choice in the matter.

    On the other hand, I have got some good deals on used gear there. Especially when it come to amps. I have picked up some really good amps for a great price. My advice, if you don't so something you want there in the first five minutes, get out of there as soon as possible. Save the wear and tear on your ears.
  19. Hey_you

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    Oct 9, 2019
    Colorado USA
    I don't care for GC. Need my 1st string replacement.Have locking tuners.Never owned a guitar b4 this.It was my idea to watch it being done.I had MANY questions to ask also. I was told "$20 for string replacement. 20?! And strings cost a fraction of that? That didn't sit well with me.What set me off as I ranted, leaving the store, was the suggestion to "look it up on YT" New in this city. No musician friends.Absolutely nobody to talk shop with. I wrote an 8 page letter to the then CEO describing the incedent and mailed it express delivery, delivery acknowledged. Wrote in detail what my expectations were, what occured, offered solutions for their staggering financial woes, and gave ideas how to get "traffic". Ended up getting a call from the district mngr.Call was about exciting as a date with Uncle Joe (pettiecoat junction) . Man had a monotone voice and only offered that GC was sorry and was looking forward to my next visit. I have found 2 very nice mom-pop music stores since. Have a real Lutheir.They place strings free/purchase.Heh, don't need help now tho. I have accessed enough knowledge, with practice, in that last year to built from scratch.
  20. MilwMark

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    Apr 29, 2013
    near Arnold's
    Glad you found a store that works for you. Your expectations, approach and response to GC were completely unreasonable IMO.
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