Guitar Center Possible Bankruptcy (yet again)

Discussion in 'Bad Dog Cafe' started by warrent, Oct 26, 2020.

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    Venture capitalism 101:

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    I think many of the GC employees are just there for a job.. My local GC it's a bunch of young 20ish I'm guessing..
    I walked into my local GC the other evening like 7:30ish p.m. cause I needed a neck plate for a partscaster I was putting together.. I mean there are not going to be many places to buy a Fender type neck plate at almost 8 pm at night ya know..
    While I was there I asked the floor person, she actually told me she was the manager on duty, if they had a ToneMaster. I received a blank look..
    I actually had to explain what a ToneMaster is..
    I just was thinking to myself.. WTF... and No, they didn't have a TM in the store .. They did have the neck plate I wanted though..
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    Everyone forgets the little investment holder.
    You buy into funds. Guess who these "capital groups" sell the debt to?
    "Oh this is a great long term buy"...
    Uh huh. Yep. Easy come, easy go.
    Never saw it coming, so you never saw it go.
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    Rule of thumb used to be that you could walk into a store and offer cash for 30 to 35% off the list price on a midrange guitar and you'd usually get an okay from the manager. That implies they'd at least break even at 35% off, so closer to 50% or higher markup (e.g. $100 dealer cost x 1.5 = $150 list and 30% off is $105). I bought a few like that in the 1990s. Don't know about now, but doesn't seem like much changed in that time.
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