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Apr 13, 2007
Rochester, NY
I haven't been here in a while, but had to do a shout out to Guitar Cabinets Direct. I tried to find another thread, but didn't find anything that matched up. I hope not to offend anyone if I started this thread outside of the rules.

I just bought a cab from GCD and I have not been more pleased with product and communication in a long time. I had to call there a couple of times, KC answered the phone every time. We had a few really nice conversations. The cabinet arrived very quickly (they had one in stock, didn't have to make one) and is fantastic. Super high quality lacquered tweed solid pine box. If they didn't have one in stock, the lead time would have been 2-3 weeks, which is fantastic in today's environment.

When I have an experience that good, I feel the need to tell people.


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Aug 8, 2016
Chattanooga, TN
I agree with the above assessment. These are high quality builds, with the exception of the handles. At least that has been my experience with their Blackface-style cabinets. I have a Vibrolux Reverb cabinet and a Princeton Reverb cabinet from GCD, and the only difference between them and Mojotone is the handle (though perhaps Mojotone uses cheap rubber handles, too). I have a tweed 5A1-style combo cabinet arriving today. When I purchased it on Reverb, it was in stock at GCD. After several days of not hearing anything, and wanting a place to put my completed Champ chassis, I wrote to cancel my order. KC responded and was very courteous, explaining that the raw cabinet was in stock, but that they had been awaiting a shipment of tweed. He said they'd cover it and ship it that day, if I wanted to keep my order. He handled things very well, and I decided not to cancel after all. I look forward to seeing what it looks like when I get home. I expect it to be nice.

EDIT: I got the cabinet today. The build is as nice as Mojotone. I'll replace the handle at some point with a proper leather one, but this is a very well made cabinet.
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Dec 7, 2009

So much love - this deserves a few images.
Peace - Deeve

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