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    I have two Epi 335 style guitars, One with Grovers and one with unmarked Grover style tuners. Is anyone aware of the weight difference between, say a set of Klusen, or what might be a good substitute to keep the headstock from falling down as rapidly as it does on both of them. I am open to changing strap button placement if anyone has a fix for that. I’m not sure how wearing the strap folk guitar style would work on a club stage environment. It wasn’t such a big deal on the duller red colored one, as I used that mainly for jazz stuff with flat wounds, but I recently strung it up with round wounds, and I guess I had forgotten how good it sounded that way. It’s a perfect beater for a club, With the Bill Lawrence and Gibson P 90 I put in it.
    The dull one is all mahogany-Top back sides (all veneer of course) and neck. The bright cherry one is all maple with a mahogany neck. Both have Gibson P90s in the front, & old Bill Lawrence In the rear of the dull one,
    And Seymore’59 in the rear of the bright cherry one. They both served me well thru the years, and paid for them selves many many times but I’m getting older and rather than live with something I’d rather fix it now.
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    Are you wearing polyester suits and using nylon guitar straps?

    A Dot should be heavy as hell. I have never experienced anything even close to neck dive with one.
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    You want to know the weight difference of tuner sets
    in grams? Maybe weigh them.

    Just curious...what does the broach weigh?
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    I used open back Hipshots on a slightly neck heavy Telecaster for that very reason. Small difference in weight, but in my case it was enough to counteract the neck dive. Plus, the Hipshots are the absolute smoothest tuners I have ever used.
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