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Ground loops/pedal boards

Discussion in 'Burnt Fingers DIY Effects' started by TwoBear, Oct 28, 2020.

  1. TwoBear

    TwoBear Tele-Meister

    Mar 31, 2020
    oc. CA.
    I putz around with batteries and power supplies and busking and performing on stage and a couple things I came up with are using backup batteries like you take with you in case your phone runs out, they put out around high four volts; 4.75--4.9, and I take a couple of the many broken phone charging cords lying around and wire two of them up in series_ for around high nines to 10.1 or 2 volts. Works like a charm. Each "brick"is about $10 a piece and houses two of the 18650? Li ion batteries. Two of the backup bricks I have, are 6700 mA each. These are the same principle but they are hooked up to that splice block because I'm using it to interrupt and hook up my meter in between, to do current draw tests on my pedals. You definitely can't judge by size because a little DanElectro chicken salad draws 105 milliamp and full drive 2 mosfet edition only pulls 7.5, with both lights lit.

    I also do the same with 5 volt phone chargers like the ones I added here. Only thing I might suggest is using identical packs and identical chargers with the same ratings, and using salvaged phone charging wire with the largest diameter wire you can find... If you're like me you probably got 30 of those broken cables around, some of them have wire a good deal larger in diameter than others. Just keep the wire length/run down to short as possible. I have to admit I don't know if running the batteries this way is any strain on them in terms of discharging I guess, I've heard that they have a lifespan that varies greatly with the way that they are treated in terms of charging and discharging but they seem to be working okay for a few months of regular use

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