Great gig last night!

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    Dec 24, 2004
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    Y’all know that I play in a ’70s funk cover band. There’s ten of us; nine on stage and our sound guy.

    Last night was our last outdoor show at a festival called Illumifest! at this beautiful new amphitheater built to hold a 50-piece concert band.

    One of our two “lead” singers (everyone but the drummer sings) knew he might not make it, so we planned the two-hour show around that. We still set up his mic and congas “just in case”.

    Great show, a coupla thousand peeps, lots of kids, who we love having on stage (we’re teachers). We give out a bunch of percussion instruments and they have a blast.

    Our most favorite song is September, by EWF, which we sadly couldn’t do because of the harmonies and missing the singer.

    Fifteen minutes before the end of the show I’m telling the audience why he couldn’t make it, that he had to drive a child to NE for a soccer game (we’re in IA), then back to take them and another to Homecoming.

    Just as I’m saying “so it looks like he’s not going to make it” he comes sprinting on to the stage from the back.

    We immediately launch into September, and the crowd goes nuts. The already-full dance area becomes packed, people are singing along and kids dancing on the stage.

    We finish out with Rubberband Man, We Are Family and our signature show ender, a mashup of Good Times/Rappers Delight/Bounce, Rock, Skate, Roll.

    What started as a great gig turned magical! Twenty-one years on, and I still love these mugs!
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    I just love it when gigs go well like that one!!
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