Gound Loop Hum Solved

Discussion in 'Pedal/Effects Owners Clubs' started by Treynor, Dec 7, 2019.

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    Yep. This has me excited and very happy. I had aggravated over ground loop hum issues for far too long in my stereo amp rigs. I finally took the plunge on one of these and problem solved!

    I did find you have to experiment a little to get the best out of it. The last pedal before this in my stereo rig is a Boss RV-6. To get the best quality, I found that only running one side of my stereo output to this and then to one of the amps to be best; the other amp is cabled directly from the other RV-6 output. When running this to the stereo effects loop on my Orange Rocker 32 (yes...the two speakers in it can be run in stereo), it yields best results to run both stereo outs from the RV-6 thru this first.

    I had read some reviews where folks had gotten hum reduction or elimination at the cost of loss of tone. I cannot hear where I'm losing any tone at all. I'm no expert, but this could be due to the Boss buffer in the RV-6.

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    Since it is passive, it works best when fed with a buffered signal. Those who loose tone probably didn't try that.

    I made mine with a transformer that Weber used to sell for a couple of dollars. They don't carry them any more.
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