Goodsell 1958

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    Jun 22, 2011
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    I seem to gravitate towards amps based on the bassman circuit of the late 50's. I've tried the two rock dumbles Supro Fender California the straight up Marshall .........I always seem to go back to that late 50's tweed thing. My # 1 is a Kendrick Tweed Texas Crude gusher. Has that 59 bassman / early Marshall thing.

    But that Kendrick is loud. The Goodsell 58' is supposed to be a great amp in that vein with a sick master. Love the clips I've heard. Did alot of homework and I pulled the trigger on one. Funny.....The guy I'm buying it from is one I've heard gush about the amp for a few yrs. I've read all his threads at TGP and watched a few vids. I've been wanting one since. Once he put it up for sale I was all over it like Stormy Daniels at a Bachelor party.

    Anyone else dig these for your Teles?
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