Good mods to do with 4c humbuckers?


Dec 31, 2017
For my Les Paul I'm planning on using two push-pull pots to coil-split, and one to phase-flip the bridge. So that leaves one additional push-pull DPDT switch. What are other good mods to try? Here are a few I'm considering:

1. Run neck pickup coils in parallel instead of series. Sounds like it makes the pickup sounds brighter with less output, but not as low output as the coil split, maybe more like a P90. I'm sort of wondering, though, will it really sound different enough from just the coil split neck to be worth it?
Also, this one obviously would not work in conjunction with the coil split, as in, I couldn't have them both switched on simultaneously.

2. Run bridge and neck together in series with each other, like a mega-humbucker. Having previously tried this on a strat with single coils, I know that it makes the pickup a lot louder and darker. I cannot imagine this would actually sound good for two humbuckers - they're usually dark enough already. But this does seem to be a popular mod, maybe just because Jimmy Page did it?

Can anyone speak to the usefulness of these mods? Or recommend any additional ones I might want to dedicate my last switch to?


Doctor of Teleocity
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Nov 30, 2013
Horn Lake, MS
I would buy the Seymour Duncan Triple Shot Rings instead. They're super easy to wire up to standard switch and pots and you get series/parallel/coil split and you can choose phase reversal too. They cost about 70 bucks for a set, but I think they are really worth it. I bought 2 sets for 2 builds I have going now. One guitar has 4 wire HB's and the other will get P Rail pickups.