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    My internet game server is down for a patch. Err, patch gone wrong. 7 hrs patch coming up on 10 hrs. N e way, the game forum page Administrator posted a second time (up to 3 extentions so far.) the standard line with a new unlock time. Being who I am I instantly copy/paste and begin editing, alla "What they say, and what they really mean" just for a laugh. I posted it on the forum thread entitled with a copy and paste of what the Admin stated. I added my version to his post. To which bring me here.
    I grew-up reading MAD. I searched for Mad online came came across this:

    Things You Might Not Know About MAD Magazine

    No one knows who came up with Alfred E. Neuman.
    The magazine's editors had to start issuing apologies almost immediately.Gaines thought it would be funny to offer a fictional biography of himself that detailed his father’s Communist leanings, his past as a dope dealer “near nursery schools,” and bouts of pyromania. When wholesalers were shocked at the content and threatened to boycott all of his titles, Gaines was forced to write a letter of apology.
    (Remember Joe McCarthy? This was 1952) I laughed my a** off reading that because I would have done the same thing!
    MAD didn't run any (real) ads for 44 years.
    "Spy vs. Spy" was created by a suspected spy.
    MAD invented a sport.
    Fred Astaire once danced at Alfred E. Neuman.

    In a scene so surreal even MAD’s irreverent editors would have had trouble dreaming it up, Fred Astaire decided to sport an Alfred E. Neuman mask for a dance number in his 1959 television special, Another Evening with Fred Astaire. No one seems to recall why exactly Astaire would do this—he may have just wanted to include a popular cultural reference—but it was no off-the-cuff decision. Astaire hired movie make-up veteran John Chambers (Planet of the Apes) to craft a credible mask of Neuman. The result is … well, kind of disturbing. But it’s a fitting addition to a long tradition of people going completely MAD.

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    Well, uh, that something. But, I'm not sure what.
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    If you told me yesterday I needed to see that I wouldn't have believed you...
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