Godin Night Club - Circuit Mod?


Nov 28, 2019
New England
Here's a copy of an email I sent to the guy who works on my guitars. I'd love to have any reactions:

I just bought a Godin Night Club, which is their 5th Avenue model with a single TV Jones humbucker and a Bigsby. I can't find a wiring diagram for it , but it's pretty clear to me from the way it behaves that it has a treble bleed circuit, which results in a situation where at full volume, there are a lot of harmonics audible - almost too many, so it gets a little bloomy and imprecise - but then when you drop the volume just slightly, all that drops out, and the sound gets sort of thin and one-dimensional, almost gets a little piezo harshness. I don't generally like treble bleed circuits, because I find it very useful that without one the treble progressively and controllably drops out when you ease off on the volume. This is handy when I want to get a more mellow sound out of a guitar. I don't want, that is, to "preserve the treble" when I drop the volume: I want the trebles subdued progressively as I lower the volume, or at least to have the option of having the circuit work that way. I've tried treble bleed circuits on a few of my guitars, fiddled with the component values: I never found one I liked: they all either did nothing or made for a thin, featureless sound with the volume down at all, as with the Night Club.

I suppose I might be wrong about there being a tb circuit in there, but I think there is. I'll keep looking for a wiring diagram, just in case. Maybe I can look in there with a dental mirror, if I can find mine.

If it's easier to put the push-pull on the volume pot, I can live with that. I just thought it'd more out of the way on the tone pot. Whatever works out is fine. I'd rather avoid a mini-toggle. I'd like to keep the same pot/cap value and taper. Probably like to keep the original cap if possible. I like the way the tone knob works.

I suppose I could just snip the treble bleed circuit out of there - usually as you know just a little cap and resistor in parallel - but I like the idea of maintaining access to the guitar's original configuration. I might even eventually find something there I can use.

Could you address this for me by converting the tone (?) knob to a dpdt push-pull pot so that in one position (up?) the circuit is as it came from the factory, whereas in the other position both legs of the tb circuit are cut, taking it out of the mix altogether? (I understand just cutting one leg would likely do the job, so maybe there's a little magical thinking involved in wanting both legs cut.)

Here's a photo of a Night Club. You'd be snaking stuff in and out of f-holes, as you can see, which is always a good time.


Please let me know if that is something you'd be interested in doing. I'll probably get the amp and PRS done first, then maybe bring the Night Club in when I get those back, just so I can keep getting to know my new guitar.

Thanks, ...........