Glarry GST Strat type delivered for $65

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    I got one as an experiment to check into a good amp (Supro Blues King that competes w. Fender Blues Junior). Glarry has China guitars and delivers them in a few days for VERY cheap. They have value is a couple of ways... 1) If you can set up a guitar or are learning how, these are nearly playable as received. So you can improve skills on cheap parts and see/hear what mediocre setup is like and then correct it. 2) These are $65 new, delivered, so you can get most or more than your money back on a re-sell. 3) Glarry's $65 Strat has surprisingly good pickups and maybe the best I ever heard on a budget Strat.

    The plastic nut has slots that need to be deepened a bit and lubricated. I got a set of cheap steel nut slot files and use ChapStick as the lube for the slots (like grease and less mess) after the slots are deepened. Saddles can take a lot of improvement by replacing all the 10mm screws with 8mm. Letting the saddles down to nearly parallel to the top helps the tone stability and sound a lot.

    Stock tuning machines are 'good enough' if you take off the knobs and remove the white washer and split steel ring and the end screw. Use a SMALL Phillips screwdriver.
    Wipe clean and VERY lightly lube with gun lubricant/cleaner. I put 1 drop into the well of the tuner body through the shaft area. Snug the knobs on last just enough to allow them to turn freely. A plastic winder will help distribute the lubricant well and then wipe the outside of the tuners dry of greasiness.
    Pickups are pretty darn nice into a good amp on a 'clean' setting. They need to be raised a little as you listen and back off the height as they get too loud/harsh. Go for the 'glassy' Strat sound. The body and neck are very light so all the screw holes need to have light yellow glue wiped inside the walls with a toothpick (reinforces the strength). I lubricate the jack barrel and springy tab lightly to let a plug insert/remove easier. The all-maple neck is somewhat fat and I sanded it lightly with 320 grit paper. I removed the 'Glarry' stamp on the headstock... just blow off the dust as you sand lightly... Then 1 light coat all over of Tung Oil wiped on with a paper towel. Overnight it will be absorbed. I keep 1/2 a damp sponge in the case to keep the guitar humidified.
    At $150, it would be a pretty good Strat and i block of the tremolo block with a 15mm block to keep the bridge bottom parallel to the top. At $65 delivered and needing very ordinary fret end smoothing (get a 3-corner fret end file and work slowly...)... it is a real deal. Get it for practice on setups and then sell it off to get maybe $80-90 locally.
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