"Gimme Shelter" Stones Doc...reflections on symbolism

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  1. bobsway

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    Feb 25, 2012
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    Well, I was gonna say that it was in the early days of the whole festival thing and they just didn't know what they were doing yet, etc..,
    Then I remembered Woodstock '99!
  2. Buzzardeater

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    Mar 26, 2012
    Suicide by biker. You cannot escalate things with them. They set examples and they were backed up against a wall.

    People do not understand who those guys were. Thier illustrious leader offered to send his guys to Viet Nam! They were arch conservatives and hated Hippies.

    Easy Rider shows hippie bikers that never were, as an analogy. It's a western. They were cowboys and the bikes were horses. That's why Billy wears buckskin. Those aren't bikers.
  3. Badabing

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    not making excuses for Mick and the boys at all.... but there are "Business" types that should be protecting the band form doing "dumb" things and they were never brought into the discussion.
  4. Larry F

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    I forgot to mention that Rolling Stone presented a very dark image of that day at Altamont. Although it was briefly shown in the movie, RS ran several photos of a rotund, naked guy getting pounded by Hells Angels with pool cues. The rock community was deeply aware of Altamont well before the film came out.

    Thinking back, there is a truly frightening seen where Sonny Barger is shooting death rays from his eyes at Jagger. You can read the disgust on his face at seeing Jagger prance around in his costume. I once was with friends shooting pool in a place where bikers killed a guy a few months later. There was one guy that was shooting death rays at me, which scared me so bad, I sat down and didn't budge until my friends were ready to go. I tried to keep my eyes on the floor, but whenever I looked up to see if I was still in danger, there were those demon eyes just staring at me. I had had a lot of experience in all kinds of gig situations, which rarely fazed me anymore. But I was scared ****less that night. Yes I was.
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