Getting away from daisy chain


Oct 28, 2020
Chester, Uk
A GOOD rule of thumb is to make sure that your total current draw per output doesn't exceed 70% of the available current. If you daisy chain like I do (but even if you're only using single pedals per output) try to make sure that the currents added together stay within that limit.

I have 4 x 300mA outputs. I chain mine as follows

Crybaby - 1mA
total - 1mA

Tuner - 90mA
total - 90mA

RawDawg - 19mA
Tumnus - 20mA
CarbonCopy - 26mA
Trelicopter - 5mA
Total - 70mA

Wampler 'verb - 68mA
MXR Booster - 13mA
total - 81mA

In theory I COULD have run all of them from the one output, but it would have put me over the 70% rule. I also chose to keep the digital pedal (tuner) on its own output to avoid any chain noise. The rest are, as far as I know, all analogue and so in theory could share a lead but given I have four outputs it just makes sense to spread them out. I'm perfectly happy with my chain, there's very little noise.

The PSU (in case anyone is interested) is the MXR Micro brick, but I've previously used Harley Benton's offering in that space and it's also been great. If you're running a board and getting signal noise, try to keep your patch cables away from your power cables.

One last tip, if you find your chain noisy, try a different wall-wart. With some of these "isolated" bricks swapping out the wall transformer can make a HUGE difference to signal noise.
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