GAS'ing for a 1978 birth year guitar.. Which one for such a weird year?


Jan 23, 2022
Papillion ne
I wouldn't give a plug nickel for any Fender made in the 1970s. I've had 2 x 1978 Strats and they were both loose neck pocket losers. Bought at different times used, from different locations... both had loosey goosey neck pockets whereas the neck, as I was playing, would start to droop toward the floor, and pinching the body with my right elbow, required a sudden tug upward to set the neck back where it was supposed to be. Cool story about these guitars. I worked in Anaheim, CA at the time and some of the guys I worked with said there was this guitar guy in one of the buildings close by and to go look him up. I did and he had a great idea. Remove the neck plate, drill and install 2-3 more countersunk nolts to tighten up the neck, and that would have fixed it. I thought it was a great idea, but I sold both pieces of junk before I did any of that. -- Cool thing was, the "guitar guy" turned out to be Trevor Wilkinson... I think it was before he became a guitar bridge superstar, but if not, he was super cool and I just walked into his shop, he was there alone that night.

But if I had a 1978 anything to track down, I think the Gibson 25/50 Anniversary Les Pauls were made in 1978 (I may be wrong)... but that would be the one I'd get... and I think those were still built in Kalamazoo, Michigan...
I had a 1978 LP Artisan. I traded my gold top LP for and 400.00 back in 1978. I sold it to a buddy of mine in 1994 for 400.00