'Game On" Song 22, 2020

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    Dec 21, 2017
    York PA
    - 78 Gibson "The Paul" into Analogwise The Driver MK11 into Fender Super Six Reverb> Jensen p10 > Blue Spark>JoeMeek 6Q & Fender CTS 10>MXL DX2>Gap 73 both 8" off grill
    L- Fender Duo Sonic HS into Catalinbread F6A>68 fender Bassman into WGS ET65>Blue Spark>JoeMeek 6Q & WGS g12>MXL DX2>GAP 73 on grill
    B-Fender Player P Buttercup>Ampeg pf50t/SVT210>MXL DX2>GAP 73
    Vox-AT3035>JoeMeek 6q

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