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    Apr 20, 2013
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    Or, Got Rid of an Amp Day!

    For all of those who have followed my trials and tribulations - oh, wait, that's nobody :D - I had an old red knob Fender Princeton Chorus. You know, the solid state, 25x25 watt stereo amp, reverb, chorus, overdrive. I bought it back in the late 80s.

    Since I got my Mustang III, it has lived in the living room. Actually, since we moved into our current house in the late 90s, it has lived in the living room.

    Mrs. Unixfish told me a week ago "Hey, that amp has been in the living room for 20 years. I am calling [friend name] to see if [friend's son name] wants it."

    The friend's son has been playing since high school , and he just graduated college. I figured he already had something and would not want it. Fortunately, I was wrong.

    They came over for a visit this afternoon, and carted the old Princeton Chorus off. I told him input jack one was flakey - sometimes you need to wiggle the cable a bit - and it may need a checkup. He told me his neighbor does electronics repair for fun, and it would not be an issue to get it fixed. He was excited to get the amp. They asked what I wanted for it - uhhhhh, zero, just make it disappear and we'll call it even.

    I won't feel guilty if it dies or doesn't work well; he has a tech friend that can repair it.

    That was me thinning the herd. I am now down to two electric guitars, one acoustic, and one amp. That is about as thin as the herd will get, unless the acoustic fails.
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    That's how I thin my herd, too. I hate the hassle of listing, waiting, haggling, meeting. . . .
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