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    I installed a set of bridge and neck g&l mfd pups on my tele parts caster. i posted my completion of my candy apple red tele years ago on this site, and it had a duncan neck pup which was excellent for country music with a lace sensor on the bridge,modded to fit. anyway , this combo did not fit quite well for blues and r&b, lacking mid range to bottom end bandwidth. I aquired a g&l neck pup, as i had the bridge pup from another tele build. The install process is easy., if you make a small mod to the metal base of the neck pup. Out of the box, the leads on the pickup are run thru a hole in the metal base and end up at the bottom., if you drop it in the cavity . it will sit on the leads and be too tall . You have to snipp an exit to the hole and free the leads so they can be run from the side, making room to lower the pickup and it will now mont properly to your pickguard, no routing is needed to deepen the cavity,but since the pickup is way taller, i will be at its limit on height adjustment.
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