Future grocery shopping now (cars & solar).


Doctor of Teleocity
Mar 21, 2007
My mom's basement.
It occurred to me late yesterday that our pilot system to charge cars off grid has been occupied with 1-2 cars nearly constantly in the recent grey rainy days. It does have a backup generator but none of us watching it closely have seen it running. There are Tesla, ChargePoint and Blink stations all near so it being free likely accounts for some of it being so busy but that also tests capacity and reliability.

This will not be free to use forever but it is sure helping test the capacity and reliability.

The second photo shows the actual panels early in the construction phase. They look better now. We don't have our Amazon, Wal-Mart or the Target store you see here competitors doing this stuff for customers and competition is fierce so that's another part of why this can't be free forever but the understanding is it will be competitive with the Tesla, ChargePoint and Blink network sites near our stores.