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Full hollow tele experiment

Discussion in 'Tele Home Depot' started by maxvintage, Jul 5, 2016.

  1. highdive

    highdive TDPRI Member

    Sep 22, 2013
    Great to see this old thread resurface. I just finished a hollow build very similar to what OP did here, though not a tele. A lot of the same thought processes in determining how to use materials and construction best to achieve the desired sound characteristics.

    My aim was not an arch top sound but definitely wanted a woodiness and shorter decay that would work for roots rock while also having properties associated with acoustic guitars since mine would have a piezo bridge system. It's worked out very well, but I have not done a recording yet. Have to get on that.

    One key to my plan was getting the strings anchored to the top, which is 3/16" home-roasted maple. I made a walnut tailpiece which the strings pass through to seat under the top. My bracing plan is very similar to what maxvintage did on his. I guess there is a fine line somewhere between having a top strong enough not to deform and still provide enough damping to get the desired tone.

    Someone in the thread mentioned f-holes and bloom, which I struggled with too. I didn't want f-holes but I did want some acoustic volume so I made "vents" along the inside edge of both pickups and this so far is a very pleasing alternative. Almost stealthy.

    Anyway, great thread. As always lots of useful and creative ideas, both from the seasoned builders on here, and the guys like me who are figuring it out as we go.
    My thread is here: http://www.tdpri.com/threads/roasted-maple-mahogany-hollow-body-build.861332/
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