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    May 23, 2016
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    I have one of these, the only mod I've currently done is Gotoh compensated saddles (world of difference). I have a 50s string tree and some Classicgear tuners on order, as I'm not a huge fan of the look of the Schallers on this guitar. Not sure I'll swap the tree yet but it was $4.

    This being my only electric (paired with my 2008 D28 as my only acoustic other than a travel-sized Martin) I'm torn. I don't gig, I just play at home and with friends. I'm trying to decide between throwing more money at this guitar (Nocaster pickups, maybe a 4-way switch, maybe swapping the control plate back to standard) or selling and getting one of the Original series. I bought this particular guitar as my first Tele, not sure that I'd take to it. I much prefer it to my old MIM 60s reissue Strat, which had the old 7.25" neck radius that I never really bonded with. I like the Teles. Rock on the bridge, blues on the neck. Great. So ideally I'd like a guitar that is a match to my D28 quality-wise and that has the nitro finish and American neck. Basically, a lifetime guitar that my kids can inherit. Am I being petty? Should I buy a new Player strat and a Tribute SG instead? The holy trinity of sorts? Or A/B a 50s and 60s Original? That Fiesta red 60s is haunting me. I deserve verbal abuse for posting such a vague and subjective question that only I can answer (and I think I know the answer). But, some perspective or head-shaking might be in order. I could always swap those pickups on the FSR and mull for a few years.
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